Riserva TrentoDoc


Our wine comes from the vineyards of Maso Poli in Pressano di Lavis, located at 300-400 metres above sea level, and planted in clayey soils of morainic-alluvial origin. The training system varies from the classic, simple Trentino pergola to the espalier with Guyot pruning. The vineyard’s favourable South-West exposure and the limited production are ideal conditions for the grapes to ripen. After hand-picking and a careful selection of the grapes, the whole clusters are placed in the press and the juice extraction phase begins, using only the must from first pressing. This process is followed by cold static decantation of the must and then by fermentation with selected yeasts, occurring for 70% in steel containers and the remaining 30% in barriques. After fermentation, the wine matures on the lees until the following spring. At the end of May, it is bottled, adding the liqueur de tirage for re-fermentation in the bottle, followed by an aging process that lasts 50 months. Once the stage of maturation on the lees is complete, the bottles are tipped upside down and then rotated manually for about a month (remuage, a process that is meant to move any sediments towards the cork) and finally, disgorged, adding the liqueur d'expedition.


80% Chardonnay 20% Pinot Noir


Straw yellow with golden hues. Intense aroma of ripe apple with an underlying hint of bread crust and yeast. The structure on the palate is rich, but with an elegant, fresh note of acidity and minerality that make the taste linger in the mouth.


7 g/l


A classic aperitif; great as an accompaniment to Mediterranean cuisine, with the exception of sweets.


9°-11°C. Uncork when ready to serve.